Suggestion: new features for next release/s

Jul 21, 2009 at 10:13 PM

Been using the news rotator for a few days a really like it. I would like to see if develope further in the future so thought I would add a suggestion topic here.

1. Up/Down/Restart Arrows or navigation to scroll through all of the announcements in a list if possible

2. Resize the list to fit the page.

3. More orientation options. I.E. large picture on left, icons/thumbs on the right as it is now. A mirror of that, or large picture on top and the icons/thumbs below. etc etc

4. When an article is opened in the announcement list, the close button should redirect the user back to the newsrotator webpart page and not the newsrotator announcement list.

5. Images dynamically resize on the page to fit the areas available. I have edited the CSS to make things a little bigger but if the image file was resized to fit then users could add annoucements faster and it would be more user friendly.

Otherwise a great tool.